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PVC Cistern
PVC Cistern

Wall hung water tank, heat resistance durable, elegant apperance and availble in different colors like white, gray, pink, ivory, blue, magenta, red brown and many more colors.
It consist capacity of 8 to 10 liter water.

PVC Jet Spray
PVC Seat Cover

Light (610gm weight)
Heavy (850gm weight)
Toilet seat cover – Easy to install and clean, high gloss and smooth surface.

PVC Jet Spray
PVC Jet Spray

Flexible, high tensile strength pressure.
PVC: PVC belt with plastic pipe.
S.S. : Stainless steel belt with SILVER PIPE / PLASTIC PIPE.

PVC Cistern
Solid UPVC Ball Valve

UPVC ball valve available in many size & colours.
Available threaded ball valve and socket ball valve.
Used PVC Pipe and fitting for Drainage water supply.
It can handle high pressure and made up of virgine PVC resin.

Discription Available Sizes
Plain and Threaded in different colors 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm
PVC Cistern
PVC Cocks

PVC Cocks are available in different sizes, colors and designes. It also available with glass finish work.

PVC Cistern
PVC Nani Trap
Available Sizes
Standard Sizes
PVC Cistern
PVC Manhole Cover

Made up of high quality and virgine material.
It is anty theft, easy to carry, practical, new type and available in different size.
Also available in round sizes.

Available Sizes
10" X 10"
12" X 12"
15" X 15"
18" X 18"
21" X 21"
18" X 24"
24" X 24"
PVC Cistern
PVC Bathroom Floor Trap

Size 6”x6” available in many colors.
UPVC Plastic Bathroom Drain Square floor waste cockroach trap.
lock type and regular, High gloss and high quality.
Application: Floor.
Category – Construction & real estate.
It is also known as PVC floor trap, Plastic Trap Door, floor drainer, floor drainage.

PVC Cistern
Consil Bushes

Consil bush is used to block the water in plastic tank easy to install cock.
Available in many colors and excellence designs.
High quality Plastic cock available in nice appearance, colors designs quick & easy to operate. No canker no agin.

PVC Cistern
Tank Joint & P.P. Hose Connector

Water tank joint easy to fit available in three sizes and colours.

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